Hi! My name is London James, and my little sister is Rocklyn Starr; and we're the inspiration behind London Rock Kids. London Rock Kids is the premiere destination for contemporary, diverse and unique kids clothing that launched on Black Friday 2013. A London Rock kid loves to make a statement, to be stylish and be the flyest kid in class. We search high and low to bring you the freshest kids apparel at affordable prices.

Our parents started our family boutique after having trouble finding unique clothing for us shortly after we were born. Our mother used her experience in fashion, public relations and marketing while our father brought in his creativity and love of urban street style. Together they came up with London Rock Kids.

Visitors to London-Rock.com are greeted on the home page with the newest arrivals and/or seasonal pieces fitting for the time of year. Shoppers can find equal inventory levels for both boys and girls in sizes infant to 7/8Y. Visitors love our great quality at  affordable prices.